What Is Connect for vendors

Connect is created for us. For our member retailers and vendor partners, plus a few extras that we invite along. It’s the show where connections are made and visions are communicated. It is OUR place to get business done. If you are interested in attending Connect, but are not a current partner, we save a few spots at every show that you may be able to fill. For more info or to request an invitation, we encourage you to read more about Connect, and request an invitation below.

What to Expect

Optimized for efficiency and collaboration, Connect eliminates the need for traditional (and costly) pavement pounding with the top 30% of outdoor specialty retailers in one place, at one time. Positioned early in the buying season, exhibitors are guaranteed appointments to present their brands and product lines to buyers in direct fashion, without the fanfare of a typical tradeshow. Connect’s simpler, more intimate model facilitates relationship-building, and additionally benefits Exhibitors with early feedback on goods from the heart of the industry, forecasting information, sales, and educational opportunities that strengthen rapport between exhibitor and retailer.

Exhibitor Guidelines

Our booth design guidelines were developed to help exhibitors create a space that maximizes productivity for line showings and business meetings for buyers, while minimizing distractions, wasted time, and unnecessary expense. All booths should be designed to:

  • Ensure private appointments with retailers.
  • Allow the retailers to have a single, set work area for the entirety of the appointment, rather than being moved from space to space.
  • Minimize the amount of ambient distractions by utilizing a room configuration, rather than an open arrangement.  This is key for both line presentations and business meetings.
  • Encourage productive line presentations by keeping the audience size small.

Exhibitor / Show Information

Devaki Murch
Connect Show Manager
(801) 458-8915

Jay Cardy
MacKenzie Exhibits
(928) 530-3566

Lucas McCracken
MacKenzie Exhibits
(801) 388-8720